Two inter-connected circles. On the left, a solid green circle represents the “functional” aspects of a product or service. On the right, a larger blurred blue circle represents the more abstract and emotional aspects of “belief” in a product or service. The two circles blend in the middle with a connecting black line.
Finding the balance of function and belief. The rational with the emotional. The tangible and the intangible.

A style board, showcasing core assets of the new visual identity

As Idean grew from 170 to 750+ people in the space of a year, evolving the story of our brand became crucial to scaling successfully.

How Design and Brand teams can play better together to create more meaningful experiences.

Inspiration for the team — A project (owned in full) by Stuart Matthews titled ‘More than 90 minutes’

A showcase of appreciation for great ideas, design, art and inspiration from around the globe

Steve Whapshott

Creative Director / Designing products with purpose and brands with bold futures @frogdesign

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