Two inter-connected circles. On the left, a solid green circle represents the “functional” aspects of a product or service. On the right, a larger blurred blue circle represents the more abstract and emotional aspects of “belief” in a product or service. The two circles blend in the middle with a connecting black line.
Finding the balance of function and belief. The rational with the emotional. The tangible and the intangible.

It’s a confusing market for today’s consumers.


A style board, showcasing core assets of the new visual identity

As Idean grew from 170 to 750+ people in the space of a year, evolving the story of our brand became crucial to scaling successfully.

But inspiring, driving and owning a brand at scale is no mean feat. Branding agencies will tell you as much — with the eye-watering costs and the odd emerging grey hairs to prove it. We set out on a journey to tackle this head on, by putting our people first and at the heart of our brand.

Living by example

As thinkers, makers and doers, we aim to live by example. So as the company grew into 2018, we were determined to revisit the brand to…

How Design and Brand teams can play better together to create more meaningful experiences.

Inspiration for the team — A project (owned in full) by Stuart Matthews titled ‘More than 90 minutes’

What does the future of ‘fan experience’ look like in a fast-moving digital age and how will brands begin to adopt new ways of connecting with their fanbase to stay relevant?

The problems a lot of clubs face these days is that they aren’t…

A showcase of appreciation for great ideas, design, art and inspiration from around the globe

What began as our personal log of ideas, fast became an outward-facing show of appreciation to the people behind…

Steve Whapshott

Creative Director / Designing products with purpose and brands with bold futures @frogdesign

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